Mission Statement

FSW is dedicated to understanding that honesty, safety, and reliability are needed to provide exceptional quality customer care while creating flexibility with industry-leading innovative technology.  Our diverse team of transportation coordinators has managed over $10.5 million in freight contracts.  There is over 60 years of combined experience in FSW senior management team that enhances our customer experience in addition to long range planning for any business.  As your business expand we strive to offer the best personalized service and invest in training knowledgeable personal that proactively search for the answer so you don’t.

Typical cargo shipments and shipments in between manufacturing and point of destination will acquire over 150-200 touch points. FSW integrates every aspect of your business supply chain even if there is an in-house program that your company is currently using. Our asset based equipment can replace a lot of complexity that comes with intermediaries as other 3PLs, shippers, carriers, B2B resellers, and freight brokers that leads to increased costs.

Veteran Owned Small Business

Fiero Watt

Our CEO Fiero Watt has taken FSW Services from great depth since starting the company back in 2015. His love for Logistics begins while serving in the US Navy which presented first-hand experiences how an integrated supply chain can change the world. Fast forwarding FSW Services has transitioned from a one man team to FSW Trucking Long-Haul division with OTR (Over the Road) drivers nationwide. Since then FSW has been on Fiero’s pledge to make clients complex logistics simple and integrated.

“If we communicate the vision behind our ideas, the purpose guiding our products, people will flock to us.”

What our customers say